Obtaining Compensation After Hit and Run Accidents

The victim of a hit and run accident will often worry about how they’re going to be compensated for their injuries and the damages to their vehicle. Although they can file a claim with their insurance company, they risk their rates going up and they will need to pay the deductible because the insurance company doesn’t know who to seek compensation from.

How Compensation Works in a Hit and Run

Normally, the insurance company for the victim will request compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. In a hit and run, the at-fault driver is not known, so the insurance company cannot be compensated for the accident. The insurance company for the victim will cover all expenses relating to the accident, but they will require the victim to pay the deductible. If the hit and run driver is found, the insurance company can then seek compensation for the amount they covered and, if they get the compensation, will return the deductible paid by the victim.

Finding the Hit and Run Driver

Finding the hit and run driver is sometimes possible. Police officers can use information at the scene as well as video footage or witness statements to look for the driver. If the victim has a partial or full license plate number or other information, they can provide this to the officer on the scene to get help. They should also provide this to their lawyer in case the lawyer can use the information to find the at-fault driver.

Any information can be helpful at this point, even if it doesn’t really seem like enough. The police can use the make, model, and color of the vehicle along with a partial license plate number, for instance, to look up potential vehicles. They can then see if one of the matches has damage that could have been caused by the accident.

If you’ve been in a hit and run accident, take some time to learn more about how officers can catch drivers in hit and run accidents and what can be done to help your case. It may be possible for the driver to be found and for you to get the compensation you need after the accident.