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Online Dating Tips Smoothly And Safely 

If you’re like me, you probably don’t trust your friends when they tell you about their latest dating app experience. After all, how can a friend who has never been on the receiving end of an awkward interaction really understand the nuances and subtleties of online dating? Maybe they were just lucky or maybe they just have a higher tolerance for weirdos than I do. Either way, I was skeptical that anyone could truly understand what it was like to be in my position — so much so that I decided to take matters into my own hands. In this article, I will share some tips for running smoothly and safely through the world of online dating. 

Online Dating Tips Screen Your Dates 

The first online dating tips are to screen your dates. It’s very important that you do not go on a date with someone you don’t know. If you do go on a date with someone, make sure they are who they say they are by checking their profile and doing some research on the person before agreeing to meet up. 

Don’t give out personal information such as your address or phone number until after meeting in person, if at all! This will help protect you from anyone who may try to scam or hurt you later on down the road. 

Another great way for protecting yourself is to make sure that whatever location both parties agree upon is safe for everyone involved (i.e., public places). If possible try taking someone else along with them when meeting up so there’s another witness present just in case something goes wrong during those brief moments alone together, but be careful because this could also lead to trouble too. 

Online Dating Tips Use Your Gut 

Online dating tips are a great way to meet people, but it’s important to use your head and follow some basic safety precautions. If you feel like something isn’t right or if someone seems off, don’t be afraid to cancel the date. 

Here are some tips for staying safe on online dating sites: 

  • Never meet in person at night or in a dark alley. It’s better to meet during the day in a public place that you know well, like a coffee shop or restaurant where other people will be around (and who can help if needed). And remember: Always go with friends! 
  • Don’t give out personal information such as your address or phone number until you’re sure about the person–and then only share what feels comfortable for you. 
  • Avoid giving out credit card details unless absolutely necessary; even then try not to do so over email because emails can easily be hacked into by cybercriminals looking for this kind of information. Instead, ask them how they prefer payment via PayPal, etc., and send them an invoice once payment has been received by yourself safely offline away from hackers and scammers etcetera. 

Online Dating Tips Take A Break 

  • Take a break from online dating for a few weeks. It’s important to give yourself time to heal and reflect on what happened in your last relationship, as well as get over the breakup. You also need some time before jumping back into the dating scene again so that you don’t rush into another bad situation. 
  • Go out with friends and have fun! If all else fails, try going out with friends who are single and looking for dates too (they’ll be able to help cheer up their friend). This is a great way of getting out of your house/apartment/room/whatever place where you’ve been staying since being dumped by someone who didn’t deserve you anyway! 

Online Dating Tips No Meeting On The First Day 

When you’re meeting for the first time, it’s best to do so in a public place. You want to be able to see your date coming from a distance and have plenty of people around if something goes wrong. This will also give you a chance to get acquainted before going home together or heading out on an actual date. If possible, meet during daylight hours so that there are other people around who might be able to help if anything happens (or just keep an eye on things). 

The ideal spot is somewhere that isn’t too busy but still has activity–like coffee shops or parks–and not too far from where you live; this way if something goes wrong, it won’t take long for friends or family members to get there if necessary (or even just call 911). 

Online Dating Tips Meet In Public Places 

  • Meet in public places. Don’t invite them to your home or hotel room. If you are going to have a first date, then it should be in a public place such as at a restaurant or cafe. This will help you feel safer and also give both of you time to get comfortable with one another without feeling rushed or pressured into having sex too quickly (which happens all too often). 
  • Do not give out personal information until trust has been established. If someone asks for any kind of personal information from you right away, this is a huge red flag! Do not give out personal information like your last name and address until they have proven themselves worthy by showing interest in getting to know who YOU are first! 


We hope that this article has helped you to realize the importance of safety and anonymity when using online dating sites. Remember that these tips can be applied to any website or app, so if you’re looking for love online then make sure you know what steps are being taken by those responsible for running them! 


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